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Free gifts
We give you points for every call. Use your points to claim free gifts - iPads, spa days, food, wine...
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We don't charge a penny for anyone on the call, you only pay for a lo-call rate call
Lo-call rate
Your only cost is that of a lo-call rate call to your normal phone provider
On call controls
We let you stay in control, you can manage the call and the attendees while it's active
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Use Minglur as little or as much as you like, there are no contracts and no ties to us
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You can start a conference call within seconds of giving us your email address
Mobile apps coming very soon
We are in the process of developing some mobile apps to make things even easier
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Peace of mind, knowing we use state of the art technology to keep your conference calls confidential

How does it work?

Tell us your email address and we give you a PIN
Share your PIN and the dial-in number
Start chatting with your associates, colleagues or friends

What does it cost?

NOTHING - no credit cards, no monthly bills, you simply pay for a lo-call rate call with your normal telephone provider.

Apps coming soon

Our mobile apps are coming soon, to make our free conference calls even easier to use - if thats possible!